2024-2025 Middle School Squad

Congratulations to the 2024-2025 Bartlesville Middle Squad!

All new members are invited to the new squad party on March 30th from 3-5:00pm at the cheer gym, with Egg-My-Yard delivery starting 5pm. Pizza will be provided and we will have a few games to play. The new squad party is not mandatory, but will be a lot of fun.  Please bring a bag of Easter Candy for our first fundraiser activity!

1. Annalynn Braymen

2. Ava Morgan

3. Avery Vincent

4. Bailey Foote

5. Braylee Brown

6. Danna De Lira Juarez

7. Harper Luelf

8. Jacklynn Florence

9. Jaleigha Jackson

10. Maci Hawn

11. Maci Artherton

12. Maritza Salazar

13. Skylynn James

14. Sophia Nachbor

15. Trinity Eck